“Redefine Your Limit”

Shred at 3D

For those of us who are dedicated, you will achieve real results in our SHRED Room. Focusing on 24-44 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes are high fat and calorie burning classes to a lifestyle soundtrack with exclusive fresh mixes by recognised DJ’s, we challenge you to redefine your limits, and come out fitter, stronger and inspired. That is, if you can keep up.


Shred 24/44: Cardio

Get fitter and leaner. All of our SHRED Cardio classes are strictly body weight focused programmes, designed to promote optimum cardiovascular fitness and challenge you to the absolute MAX. Proven results show that our sessions burn up to 30% more calories than regular exercise, so what are you waiting for? Look out for days that focus on specific body parts with upper, lower and full body sessions.


Shred 24/44: Strength

Feel stronger and tighter with SHRED 24/44 – Strength. Our SHRED Strength classes incorporate the use of kettlebells, dumbells and other strength equipment to help us increase the number of muscle cells, meaning that we’re even burning calories when we’re lazing on the couch with Netflix.


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